Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church

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Safe Environment Training

Initial Training 

If you are interested in initial training for Safe Environment email (safe@LeroyOLPH.com) requesting more information.

MANDATORY!!  Click here:  Initial Training Packet to download all forms.  Bring completed forms, pages 18 - 20 to this session.

Continuing Education

The next re-certification training is scheduled for the first day of religion classes for the 2019 - 2020 year.                                                  If you would like to re-certify before then please go to www.virtusonline.org.  If this is your first time, please register.  Then log in with your login and password to complete re-certification online.  For more detailed instructions click here:  VirtusOnline Instructions

Email Safe Environment Coordinator, Tanya Greenwald:   safe@LeroyOLPH.com

Initial Training Packet

Click on the link above to download the documents needed for initial training.  Complete pages 18 - 20 then return the completed forms to the Safe Environment Coordinator at the first session.

Continuing Education   (Virtus Instructions)

Once initial training is completed annual re-certification is required.  Go to www.virtusonline.org to register by creating an account.  (For detailed instructions click here:  VirtusOnline Instructions.)  An email is sent annually as notification when online training is due.